Monday, June 3, 2013

The 5 Year Plan

Welcome to my blog! this blog is a branch off of my YouTube Channel Itsabellavita. If you haven't already,  mouse click on over right away! you won't be disappointed :D

I decided to start a blog for many reasons. Besides the obvious awesome things I'm known for, I also wanted a place where I can share about my next 5 years. Some say it's not good to have a 5 year plan because life is too unpredictable. While I agree with this notion, I also think it's important to have dreams of where you see yourself. This is the breakdown of my 5 year plan:

Year 1: Alberta, Canada
Year 2: Melbourne, Australia
Year 3: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Year 4: Capetown, South Africa
Year 5: London, UK

For those of you who aren't geography wizards, that's 5 different continents in 5 years. While the order may change, or even the location may change, this is the goal.

This blog will not only showcase plus size fashion, beauty and lifestyle but also travel and must see places. I hope you will join me on my journey. Life is beautiful, we should all feel it.

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